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What is Student Visa in Thailand?

This visa is for foreigners who wish to study or participate in educational programs in Thailand. It is suitable for students enrolled in formal educational institutions, including universities, schools, and language institutes, as well as participants in certain training or internship programs. The student visa is one of the types of visas that allow foreigners to travel to Thailand for study. It is ideal for those who want to study, travel, and stay in Thailand for an extended period, as well as to learn the Thai language and culture.

For Foreign Students Studying in Thailand

Thailand offers an enriching educational environment with its diverse culture, excellent academic institutions, and vibrant student life. At ThaiEducationVisa, we specialize in guiding international students through the process of obtaining a student visa in Thailand.

Our Services for International Students

Visa Assistance

Comprehensive guidance on applying for a Thai student visa, including document preparation and application submission.

Institution Selection

Help in choosing the right Thai university or educational institution that aligns with your academic goals.


Assistance in finding suitable accommodation and making travel arrangements.

Cultural Orientation

Providing insights into Thai culture and lifestyle to help you adapt smoothly to your new environment.

What is Thai students Abroad Visa?

A Study Abroad Visa or an Education Visa for studying abroad is a type of visa that allows students to travel to other countries for further education at the secondary, undergraduate, or higher levels. For studying abroad, choosing the right visa service is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable learning experience.

For Thai Students Studying Abroad

Exploring educational opportunities abroad can be a life-changing experience. We assist Thai students in navigating the complexities of applying for student visas to countries around the globe.

Our Services for Thai Students Abroad

Visa Assistance

Expert advice on global student visa requirements and procedures for various countries.

Application Support

Assistance in applying to international universities, including help with application forms, essays, and recommendation letters.


Guidance on travel, accommodation, insurance, and adapting to life in a new country.

Continuous Support

Ongoing support throughout your study abroad journey.

Why Choose ThaiEducationVisa?

Expertise and

 Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in both Thai and international education systems.


We tailor our services to meet your unique educational aspirations and needs.

Reliable and

Our commitment is to provide transparent, efficient, and reliable visa assistance.


Strong connections with educational institutions worldwide.

Apply Education Visa In
3 Simple Steps

1. Consult and select visa services

Consult about the work permit and pay for the service to proceed to the next step.

2. Check and prepare documents

Review the document checklist and prepare any missing documents for scheduling a visa application appointment.

3. Receive the Visas outcome

Receive the visa you have applied for. The duration depends on the type of visa submitted.

Embark on Your Educational Journey

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The advantages of processing visas with ThaiEducationVisa:

Special services.: We provide professional services for clients, limited companies, universities, and schools to ensure smooth business operations or educational activities.

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