Types of student visa

Student visas are divided into 2 main types:

General student visa

Suitable for higher education or lower than higher education in public institutions. The documents include:

  • Endorsement letter for visa application or change from the university dean (for Immigration Bureau)
  • Endorsement letter from a government department under the Ministry of Education or the provincial governor for lower than higher education or from the Office of the Basic Education Commission (for Immigration Bureau)
  • Endorsement letter from the headteacher or manager (International)
  • Copy of the school establishment permit (with certified copy)
  • Copy of the school director’s permit (with certified copy)
  • Copy of the applicant’s educational qualifications

Higher education and below in private institutions

The documents include:

  • The same as above for public institutions

Criteria for consideration

Applying for a "Non-Immigration Ed or "Education Visa" for Thailand

Requires the following qualifications and documents:

  1. Educational evidence: Applicants must show education-related evidence for the course they will study in Thailand, such as certificates or academic transcripts.
  2. Admission evidence: A letter from a Thai educational institution confirming the acceptance of the student.
  3. Financial evidence: Proof of sufficient funds for expenses during the stay in Thailand, either personal income or support from others.
  4. Passport: Valid for at least 6 months.
  5. Passport-sized photos: Typically 4 x 6 cm.
  6. Visa fee: To be paid as determined.
  7. Application form: Fully filled and clear.
  8. Health check: In some cases, a health examination certificate is required.
  9. Travel insurance: Might be necessary to cover the duration of the stay in Thailand.

Supporting documents for applying:

  1. Form TM 87
  2. Form for visa change TM 86: (For those applying from within Thailand)
  3. Copy of student’s passport: For already accepted students
  4. Acceptance letter: Issued by the educational institution
  5. Approval letter from the Ministry of Education: (For private institutions)
  6. Photo size 4×6 cm.: And a fee of 2,000 Baht
  7. Passport must be valid for at least 18 months: Upon arrival
  8. Passport: Must have at least one blank visa page
  9. Copy of every page of the passport: (Signed)
  10. Copy of round-trip airline ticket: To/from Thailand
  11. Original signed “Acceptance Letter”: From the school
  12. Confirmation of the payment of fees
  13. Proof of having at least US $750: In the bank (to be confirmed every 90 days)
  14. Compliance with all other government requirements
  15. Minimum study duration: Must attend school and meet all educational requirements 
  16. Must go to school: Within a few days of arriving in Thailand

Once the application for an education visa is completed, you will receive a “Non-ED” visa, valid for 90 days from the date the student enters the Kingdom of Thailand.

Student visas for Thais studying abroad

Study Abroad Visa is necessary for those wishing to study abroad, mainly divided into 3 types:

Student Visa

For students who wish to study at the degree level abroad, must first receive acceptance from the destination educational institution to use as evidence for the visa application. This acceptance document is called the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).

Short-term Study Visa

Suitable for students traveling abroad for short courses, training, or language studies for no longer than 6 months for educational courses or up to 11 months for English language courses.

Child Student Visa

Suitable for students under 16 years old who wish to study at primary or secondary levels abroad. Must have a guardian or relative living in the destination country for safety and assistance, along with documents proving the guardian’s readiness to take care of the student.

things to know

Things to know about visas for studying abroad:

Documents for applying for a student visa to study abroad

  1. Passport with at least 6 months validity, along with all old passports.
  2. Visa application form/acceptance letter from the institution.
  3. A straight-faced photo, size 1.5 x 2 inches, 1 photo (taken within the last 6 months).
  4. A copy of the national ID card or civil servant card (with certified true copy).
  5. Diploma or degree certificate showing the latest educational qualification, along with a transcript.
  6. Acceptance letter from the educational institution abroad.
  7. Financial evidence of the person bearing the expenses, along with a certification letter and documents showing the relationship between them (if any).
  8. Employment evidence and income of the person bearing the expenses.
  9. Accommodation guarantee letter with documents from the guarantor (if any).
  10. Medical certificate and good conduct certificate.

Apply Education Visa In
3 Simple Steps

1. Consult and select visa services

Consult about the work permit and pay for the service to proceed to the next step.

2. Check and prepare documents

Review the document checklist and prepare any missing documents for scheduling a visa application appointment.

3. Receive the Visas outcome

Receive the visa you have applied for. The duration depends on the type of visa submitted.